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1. Go to or for mobile phone access

2. Register online with enrollment code L13C5B7422L36

to setup your username and password

3. Browse and shop online to add items to your shopping cart

4. Purchase using PrestoPay (registration required; automatically debits your checking account) OR submit your order online and the send in payment to school by Tuesday

5. Physical Cards (not reloads) are delivered to students on Friday (or you can choose to pick them up from the office)

Once you place your order and get a confirm, no need to print receipt and send to school. We will see your order online. Just send in payment! Consider registering for PRESTOPAY once enrolled. Scrip will automatically debit your checking account so you do not need to send anything into school.

SCRIP Goes Mobile!

You can now order electronic gift cards, reload physical cards and in many cases redeem them right from your phone!  MyScripWallet lets you shop on the go, earning rebates on every purchase and it’s fully integrated with so you only need one login and you can use your prestopay account in both places.

Just login to MyScripWallet using your same shopwithscrip username and password. Once online you can browse the full selection of direct delivery products then place an order and pay with prestopay right on your phone! MyScripWallet also gives you access to any ScripNow eCard you’ve purchsed, even when you purchased on either site, whether you ordered them on your desktop or through My ScripWallet. Even better, many stores will allow you to redeem eCards, and reloaded plastic cards, right off the screen of your phone! 

We hope you will give SCRIP a try! Order cards for the Tuesday order that are delivered on Fridays, stop by the Scrip inventory table on Friday mornings, order through MyScripWallet when you are out and about or email us what you want!!!

If you don’t have PrestoPay (auto debit from checking account), go to and start the process. Once you receive an approval code, please forward to us at

What is SCRIP?
Scrip is a way for families to receive cash rebates and also help their school. Scrip is gift cards to various retailers. The school purchases the gift cards at a discount and sells them to families for full face value. Families buy them at NO extra cost and can be used as cash at the various stores. There are hundreds of retailers available: Acme, Giant, Safeway, Shoprite, Macys, Sears, Gymboree, Payless Shoes, Kohls, Supercuts, Home Depot, Lowes, Bed Bath and Beyond, Michaels, Petsmart and most restaurant and hotel chains, rent a cars, etc. Check out all the retailers at

How does SCRIP benefit the school? How does SCRIP benefit you?
Because retailers sell SCRIP to the school at a discount and the school then sells the SCRIP at face value, the difference is the profit to the school. The profit percentage would be split 50/50 whereby the school would automatically keep 50%. The other 50% would be granted to families (distributed to each family in the form of a check or gift cards at the end of the school year). This is not another fundraiser. Families use SCRIP as they would cash where they normally shop.

How does SCRIP work at St. Thomas?
Families would have the opportunity to order SCRIP via an online order form. We accept checks (preferred) and cash and have a credit card machine in the office if you would like to use to place a large order. St. Thomas will absorb the fees for shipping, administration and credit card fees for the program. Once you place your order online, simply send your payment in an envelope marked “scrip” to school with your child. All orders are placed on Tuesday morning so payment must be received by Monday each week.

The easiest way to take full advantage of the program is to order online and have the amount debited from your checking account. This feature is called “PrestoPay”. We place orders every Tuesday morning and the cards will be distributed to your child on Friday (or you can choose to pick them up at the office).

QUESTIONS???? Email: