St. Thomas the Apostle School officially opened its doors on September 5, 1956 with an enrollment of 124 students. Each classroom contained two grades and was staffed by the Sisters of St. Joseph.

In 1967, four classrooms were added to accommodate the growing local population bringing enrollment to 310 students. In 1985, the Sisters of St. Joseph withdrew from the parish, choosing to staff more needy programs elsewhere.

Today St. Thomas the Apostle School continues to be staffed by experienced, professional personnel committed to upholding and instilling Christian values through a Catholic education.

The rapid influx of families into this region created the need for a new Church (completed in 1991), and necessitated that the parish expand the school facilities. In 2000, a new two-story building opened providing 16 additional classrooms, offices, faculty room, conference rooms and a state of the art library. Five years later, recognizing the need for a new gymnasium, plans were underway to break ground in the spring of 2006 for this latest phase of expansion. In May of 2007, the gymnasium was completed.

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